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  1. I recently purchased an annual service/maintenance kit from AquaHot and serviced my AquaHot myself.  First time.  I was proud of myself because I got it working and all seemed to be fine.  After a couple of days I started smelling diesel and found a small puddle under the AH.  I disassembled, taking the burner out, and wiped everything down.  While putting it back in, I over torqued the lower toggle nut and broke the aluminum blower casting.  Bought a new casting as well as a new swirler and swirler housting as the old swirler was deformed.  When I put it back together and fired it up, it smoked like crazy, black smoke from the exhaust pipe and white smoke from the AH compartment.  When I shut it off, and after the burner fan stopped it dumped a bunch of diesel, maybe a 1/2 cup, out of the bottom of the burner unit.  I took it out, disassembled and reassembled and installed, same problem.  Now, even when off, it leaks diesel.  Any suggestions on problem and how to repair?

  2. We just happen to be heading out in early Sept on our next chapter and Great Escape going full time. We sold our house about a year ago and downsized to an apartment with this in mind so I sold a lot of tools.

    At this point not looking to do any major repairs myself, even though I have done so in the past. I liked all of the posts and great suggestions. I am starting with a socket set, hammers, screw drivers, cordless drill, of course, duct tape and black electrical tape, mostly in a canvas bag. I did get some safety triangles and will get some reflective vests (great suggestion). Extra fluids like DEF and perhaps fuel and air filters are a good idea.

    We did join Good Sam, so have roadside assistance and a newer coach so hope to not have to do much more than minor fixes.

    We are looking forward to our adventure as I am sure you are.

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