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  1. We were driving to Georgia from Florida when we got hit by a very hard thunder storm and we had to pull over for about and hour while sitting waiting we notice water was coming in from the slide out in the main room after we got to our destination we wet vac the water and try to dry it out as much we could. After a few week we notice that the water was on the side and the wood gotten rotten and the wall paper was peeling off the wall. For the first time in my life I filed a claim into Safeco RV ins. (I bought it thru FMCA, I have had nothing but good experience with FMCA . They took about a week to come out and see the issue. Once they did come out the adjustor never got back to me I email him 3 different time with no response so after a week of the last email I call them and plain and simple the claim is denied.   Clearly from the beginning his mind was made up to deny the claim. Will be changing insurance company ASAP. Be sure to ask about what is covered when they call it water damage. Safeco will not pay anything if they mention water damage. I don't know if any other insurance company would try to change to another company.

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