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  1. when starting up one of our dometic duo therm a/c units it will run for a while. yesterday it ran for 6 hours. then it tripped the breaker. this problem started about 3 weeks ago. since that time i have replaced the fan/run  capacitor and the motor capacitor. does anyone have an idea what i should look for next?

  2. i had a similar problem this spring. generator would die after 20- 30 minutes on the hot days. i could reprime it and it would start and sputter out.  it would run fine in the cool mornings. talked to an onan rep. fuel pump was the problem. he explained that the diaphragm  would not seal in hot weather. 1400 hours and 12 years old. replaced the pump and we've had no problems. 

  3. We're bringing our first motorhome from Florida in a couple weeks. ready for the fulltime life.

    Bringing it to Wisconsin to load it up.  Does anyone  have any comments about the following campgrounds-- only using them for overniters:

    Lake Pines outside Columbus,Georgia

    Cherokee Hills, Jackson,Missouri

    Hickory Hollow, Utica, Illinois

    I've read the reviews on these parks, but would like info from the forums users.

    Thanks, looking forward to our new adventure in life.

  4. We're picking up our motorhome from Florida in June. We want to avoid the interstate system until we are north of Memphis.

    Any suggestions on campgrounds from southern Alabama up to the Memphis area?

    We plan on stopping/staying at each park for a couple days. They don't have to be fancy, just clean and affordable.

    Our maiden voyage. July first we are fulltiming. heading into the sunset after that.


  5. Just bought a 2008 Monaco Monarch 33sfs.

    The house batteries are bulged below the battery posts/the casing is bulged upward, so I'm thinking I need new batteries.

    Any suggestions on reliable replacements?

    Hitting the road this summer(fulltiming) and want to eliminate any potential problems.


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