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  1. Going to Quartzsite for the 1st time in January.

    I have a 25ft class A. Debating whether not to tow a car as well.

    Can I ride a bike from where I dry camp to the tent? or to the town itself?

    Where would be a good place to dry camp?

    I have heard about the dome rock area but I want to have access to things by bike.

    Any tips would be appreciated! 

  2. We are planning a trip to Alaska. I normally pre-cook a lot of meals and load the freezer up. I plan on having a pretty empty refrigerator, no fresh fruits, no fresh vegetables.  I can always hit the Costco when we enter Canada to re-stock. My main concern is the food in the freezer.  Do I have to worry about pre-cooked meat? 

    Thanks in advance.

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