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  1. On 11/28/2017 at 9:19 PM, RayIN said:

    That has been our experience too. In fact, one RV park asked the coach age, when I said a 2000, she said "really"?  it looks like it's new, and proceeded to have me sign the Parks registration slip.

    Same experience for us. We have a 2000 DP and when we go to AZ the resort ask for Pic's when reserving online. The reply is welcome looks good. Just don't think DW or I would want to stay somewhere we weren't welcome.

  2. We are also getting ready to list our MH. Some of the problems I have had with Craigslist in my area here in east Texas is all the scammers and test riders without funds, or the no show appointment. I'm leaning toward consignment as we will not be using RV and I don't want to be tied down waiting to show it. Also as noted by someone else is financing, something done by the consignment lot. Good luck 


  3. OK here is the result of input to my question. I just don't think I could ever feel comfortable with cables, this is just me. After a lot of searching multiple makes and models we pulled the trigger on a New 2017 Jayco Alante 31V, This unit fits the length, options and lay out we were looking for. No it doesn't ride like our DP but it is better than our 90"s model gas A that we started with. We pick up unit and will do a 1100  mile shake down run with a schedule of we get there when we get there. Thanks to all of you for your feedback. Maybe we'll meet on the road. Safe travels to all.

  4. 3 hours ago, manholt said:

    Bill...he want's a gas, 30-34 foot...stop selling DP! 

    Sideskr.  PPL has gas units also, but at this time I would be really afraid of buying anything that rolls from any Texas Coastal County, due to Hurricane Harvey...definitely Buyer Beware! :ph34r:  

    Thanks, you are right! Any unit I look at will definitely get checked for high water marks. To easy to move to new locations away from coast. Hope you were able to stay dry! 

  5. 11 minutes ago, dkreuzen said:

    My cable operated slide is 26 feet long and has operated flawlessly for the last 5 years. I do inspect it on a regular basis and have never seen a problem. On mine the worse part is that it is very difficult to access if something did go wrong. I carry a spare cable and repair kit just in case.

    Thanks for the input, 26' is a lot even for gear drive. Did you buy the spare parts from dealer or aftermarket? Living in Texas I know the importance of good AC and spare parts. One whole storage bay is tools and spare parts. 

  6. 41 minutes ago, WILDEBILL308 said:

    If you are looking at smaller coaches have you looked at the new Pace Arrow 36U?


    This is a link to an example.

    I have a friend who just boughta 38foot one and it looked good. I personaley can't see going to a shorter than 38ft because you start giving up storage and tank capasity. We travel with one dog no parrets. 


    The biggest reason I am looking for 30 to 34' is that I am looking at gas. With that said I have passed a lot of larger gas rigs on the hills. We love our 38' pusher and have done many upgrades to make it more user friendly ( carpet out vinyl in). It is a 2000 model that we store in a shop at our house. Going to miss that soft quiet ride. With everyone's help we we will move ahead with caution. We had a lot of fun in the old 28' class A. Arizona to Alaska back to Texas and a lot of points in between!

  7. Thanks to all of you for the fast replys. It's nice to see that I am not really over reacting. I realize that RV's need TLC whatever the type. We currently have a 38 foot diesel pusher, our second class A. We have changed our needs and decided to buy newer and shorter. Looking at the market for a 30 to 34 foot class A is a real challenge for someone 6'3" that doesn't need room for 10 people. We travel with one dog and two parrots. I will take a closer look at the system and weight of slide, per your recommendations. One reason I liked this model was two smaller slides one on each side.  I'll do my homework before making the move. Thanks again to all our Road Friends.

  8. If you have an FR3 with the cable slides, could you please give me any information good or bad about the system?

    We want to update and downsize our motorhome and like everything about the FR3 30DS.

    When I saw the cable slides I panicked. I have heard horror stories, but never seen for myself the problems with cables.

    This is the only thing keeping us from pulling the trigger.

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