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    We are members of the Bounders of America, chapter Mid America Bounders.
    Our chapter meets monthly from May to October. This year we started in Bean Blossom, Indiana.
    So in May we headed to Bean Blossom and stayed at the Bill Monroe campground. It was only a short trip as we live in Indiana.
    But it rained and rained and, I might add, it rained more.
    Campground folks said we had 9 inches of rain in 2 days. Yes ,we got stuck. Coach-Net sent a tow truck to our rescue.
    While in Bean Blossom we visited Brown County and the small town of Nashville. Many old shops and good places to eat.
    Our big surprise came when we visited the sock factory: Bare Feet Originals. They supply socks to many pro sports teams. We now have socks for our right and left feet MARKED.
    In June Nina and I co hosted our rally in Effingham, Il. Our rallies are from Thursday to Sunday. We gathered at Camp Lakewood. It's a very nice, clean and friendly site. As usual, there was tons of good food and we toured many sites in and around Effingham. Great dinner one evening at Niemerg's. Oh, yes, the nightly ice cream runs. Culvers Home wood Grill, and of course Dairy Queen.
    We were doing some work on our home, so we missed the July and August rallies. Hated missing them but things must be done.
    A quick note: We are adding a new patio and deck on the back of our house. Tons of details and planning.
    In September we were in Bridgeton, Ind., a small town 20 miles or so from Terra Haute Ind. We visited the Old County store, enjoyed good food, walked around the town as all the locals were getting ready for the covered bridge festival. They told us that nearly a million people would be there in a few weeks.
    We spent a day with Jerry and Carol driving to many covered bridges.
    October found us in Decatur Ind., at Sullivans RV repair getting some needed but minor things done.
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