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  1. Had a so called RV tech replace the a/c units on my 2006 American Coach. After 4 attempts to make everything work the last thing that doesn’t work is the A G S for the air conditioners. While I was at Perry I talked to the Dometic people and they basically told me the installer doesn’t know what he’s doing and I need another module to make the gen start work. Can anybody tell me what the module is. 

  2. We are the new owners of a 2006 American coach tradition. After arriving at our campground we were unable to open the entry door. After banging and pounding I was able to force it open. The problem was a deadbolt type of latch that engaged in the top of the door wouldn’t retract. After a few minutes it slowly retracted on its own. It appears that it is not related to the central locking. Any he,p is appreciated. Right now it stays retracted wether the locks are engaged or not. I’m thinking it has something to do with a safety when the coach is underway.

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