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Internet Connection Error Screen Messages

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My internet provider/equipment:

Time Warner/Spectrum-Technicolor modem/router combo, Windows 10 Pro, all software and drivers were/still kept updated, Ethernet cable replaced.


Late last summer/early fall about 4-6 weeks pryor to leaving for our winter spot, I started having the following error messages show on the Dell 17 inch laptop screen using both Ethernet and wifi connections.

1.  (90% of the time)"Your not connected to a network"(would usually self correct within 3-5 seconds if not would hit the F5-refresh key.

2.  (8% of the time)"Can't reach this page"(would usually self correct as above) 

3.  (2% of the time) "XXX.com website not responding"(would also self correct as above.


Called Time Warner/Spectrum and they sent a so called tech out who couldn't find anything wrong. facepalm.gif


Left for the winter in Oct and used a Verizon Jetpack with the same laptop for internet and did not receive these messages.  Arrived home several weeks ago, reconnected to the Technicolor modem/router combo and the same error message started within 3-4 hours.


Called Time Warner/Spectrum and they again sent a "tech" out.  He reportedly replaced several outside/inside cable connection.  Within 1-2 hrs after leaving,  error messages started again. 


I connected to the Jetpack several days ago and have "not" had one error message.


Thoughts anyone............confused.gif

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