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Tire Blowout Today

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We had a blowout on the front driver side tire on I-75 in Florida. It caused us to cross 3 lanes from the slow lane, to middle, to fast before running along the grass and stopping about 10 inches from the guard rail. At least nobody was involved and no injuries.

It actually destroyed the fiberglass around the wheel, pulled the fuel door off plus the fuel tube out and damaged the air lines. It is now in a repair shop in Fort Myers, and we are stuck in a hotel. We were actually on our way back to our RV resort where we had been staying since December 1.

One main problem seems trouble trying to locate the new tire. When we were towed the shop is next door to Camping World. Tire was ordered through Camping World. Did not know tires would be so hard to come by.

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Just wondering dennysnine, what model of coach do you have-DP or gas, do you have a steering stabilizer? Any additional info you can give about the tire? Age, loading, pressure, have you had your corners weighed? Do you know if this was a road hazard strike? Do you have a tire monitoring system? I have been lucky so far not to have had a failure and have been thinking of adding a steering stabilizer like Safe-T-Plus. Any additional info I'm sure would help all of us.

Good luck with the repairs and getting back on the road....

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