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"Visited States" And "Visited Provinces" Maps

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Some of you have asked where to find a "Visited States" or "Visited Provinces" map for your signature or profile picture.

These are the maps I am referring to:




These maps are available at This web site. You can customize the maps to your liking and post them on the forum as a signature picture or a profile picture. If you need help with the posting process, it is covered in the help section of this forum.

The folks supplying the map are quite generous to provide it for free. I see their maps in almost every RV forum I visit across the web. They are: Blue Sky iSolutions

Another great source of the maps is EPGSoft

The instructions for using either are about the same.

These are the instructions from the Blue Sky Solutions website:

Instructions: Check the states that you have visited, driven through, stayed in, rode through, you-name-it!

After selecting the states that you have visited, select a map size, then click "Draw Map" to create your own customized map of visited states.

Are you a recreational vehicle owner? Do you tour in your car or on your motorcycle or trike? Display where you have been on your website!

Right-click on your customized map to copy the map, or save it to your hard drive. Then upload your customized visited states map to your own website, Facebook, or MySpace page.

They offer three sizes and the one I use for my profile picture is the smallest one. You can create any map you want, but if you need to add a state at a later time, you must start over from scratch.

Good luck!

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