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Emergency Slide Retract Procedure

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I have a 2004 Jamboree 31W with one slide, I bought it used and have the manual. The manual does not have a procedure for retracting the slide if something goes wrong, in fact it has no information on the slide at all.

The slide is a rack and pinion, I think, it has a long flat gear and a motor to open and close.

Is there a way to manually crank the slide in if something goes wrong? I have nightmares about being stuck with the slide out, can someone help me with this?



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I'm not familiar with your specific unit but others I have owned with the rack and pinion slide operation all had the motor access through a compartment underneath the slide. On the motor or gearbox was a lever or knob to release the brake and some way to turn the motor and gear pinion with a ratchet for emergency operation. The unit we have now has a switch on the panel for the tank gauges etc to open the brake so the slides can be manually closed. This requires 2 people to operate where the older method could all be done manually in one location.

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Hi All:

I have two slides on my motor Home, the front slide has a sofa on it, and is quite large, It has left me in a lurch twice once and one out. What happened is the pins on the shaft of the spider gear brakes, the first time while the slide was in, which means I could not slide out the slide. the other time It broke while the slide was fully out. this was the worst. as I was just leaving my CG in Fla for home. I and some fellow campers picked up the slide and pushed it back into place. I braced the slide from the inside with a broom stick. and took off for home. We got on a ruff road and the slide started to slide out. Pucker pucker, Had to stop and push it back in. We had planed to stop at a company which sold screening material, They gave me some dunage (2x4"s) which I cut to tightly fit behind the inside fram and the out side wall at the side and top of the slide. This kept the slide in until I could get home and to my RV dealer for repairs. I might add this repair was not cheap.

One note I keep the 2x4 in my storage compartment. Also there are two breakable pins on the slider gear. I managed to brake both. You need to be a very small person to get into where the motor/shaft is to replace them. I am not a small person.

I would suggest you be very gentle when you slide out your slides.


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