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Eastern Area Rally (G.E.A.R)

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Have you ever wondered why the Eastern Area calls their rally G.E.A.R.?

Well, the rally held in Nashville in 1994 was put on by a chapter called the Eastern Area Volunteer Chapter. People from all over the area joined the chapter and worked to put on the rally. At a planning meeting a great motivator spoke to our cadre of people about putting on a good rally. At that time everyone was burning up their brains trying to come up with a name. We couldn't call it the E.A.R. Rally beause people would really laugh! The Northeast Area Rally is N.E.A.R. and that isn't a funny acronym. The discussion turned toward the fact that people would be getting in their motorhomes and gearing up to come to Nashville. So, we thought why not call it G.E.A.R. for the Great Eastern Area Rally.

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