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Howard Power Steer System Cylinder Repair

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There are about 4,000 Howard Power Steer Systems that were installed over the years before HPSS went out of business for sales, parts and service due to owner passing away. There have been a number of hydraulic cylinder seal blowouts since such time. The problem is finding a repair shop to rebuild a HPS cylinder successfully..... Sam Kopecky, the known contact for HPSS, informed me of one contact reporting a successful HPS cylinder repair that was unverified by HPSS. I made contact with the Louisiana RVer. He claimed he had his HPS cylinder repaired with a set of off the shelf seals which blew out. The Repair Shop again rebuilt unit with custom upgraded seals working with a manufacturer. The seals had held up for some 7 months and about 3 relative long trips working fine with no problems. That was good enough for me.

With the help of some written guidance from the Louisiana RVer to remove my cylinder, I hand carried it to Lake Tool & Hydraulics in Sulphur, LA. They rebuilt my HPS cylinder in a little over a month for less than $1000. I have re-installed it and unit seems to be working fine. Will give it a 5,000 mile road test soon-like.

The written guidance information provided by the Louisiana RVer to remove HPS cylinder worked for me and was quite helpful. And I have added some help hints to it, as well as some helpful re-installation guidance. Feel free to send me a message with an e-mail address for a copy of such.

There are two FMCA forum topics relating to this matter that are sort of out-dated. So I thought a new posting might be helpful for those searching for HELP for a blown out HPS cylinder, when you find the sight glass empty on the accumulator reservoir and hydraulic fluid in the vent reservoir.

Contact for Guaranteed HPS Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild:

Jess Harper

Lake Tool & Hydraulics, Inc.

2801 E. Napoleon St.

Sulphur, LA 70663

Phone: 337-302-5737

e-mail: lth5500@yahoo.com

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