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Motor Coach Residential Communities and Resorts

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While visiting my membership RV sites and forums I have seen various banners and discussions on communities that have custom built homes that accommodate "big toys" to include full hook ups inside as well as outside of garages that are built into the homes. I have received many recommendations for and against with the things to look out for when looking for the "perfect" motor coach friendly community.

I would like to hear from members of FMCA who have personal experiences with these types of communities to include full residential homes to coach lots and amenities. If you rent or own? Stay for months or weeks? North for summer and South for winter? Would it be better to buy in a resort and have the ability to rent the lot when not there?

My wife and I will have the option of looking for a retirement home in a couple years and are not sure if we should build the large garage at out current home or consider moving to an area that has families with similar interests and hobbies.

Any input on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any replies!

Travel safe!

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I bought into a community in Titusville, FL and it was a big mistake for me. The cost of purchase was nothing compared to the cost of ownership. Random fees were added when repairs needed to be done. If not enough money was in reserve there would be a special assessment and you had no choice but to pay or a lien is filed. Just be sure you know EVERYTHING before you buy. If you want to rent something then you are golden as you would not have any of these kinds of liabilities but if you purchase, you better completely understand what you are getting yourself into. There will be a board of directors and what they decide is final whether you agree or not.

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Valuable advice Bill. Thank you for the insight.

The previous neighborhood we lived in had HOAs. When my wife and I put up a bird bath (3 tier) with an electric pump (the birds loved it) they threatened us with a $10.00 per day fine if the unapproved "water feature" was up after 30 days notice. The people on the architectural review committee (I prefer to call them yard "police" (another word in place of police). We moved shortly afterward and now have a nice home on 4 acres where I keep all my toys.

HOAs are very effective and sometimes beneficial but knowing all the rules is critical. The situation you are referring to is exactly the information I need as after retirement I will not have a pot of gold to draw on.

Thank you again for your reply. It is hoped other can offer positive experiences and recommend places all can enjoy if interested in visiting or buying.

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