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hwh jack springs

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Baring some specific tool for stretching the old spring to remove it, and then the new one to re-install that one, I would try using wooden wedges from Lowe's or Home Depot that are designed to shim window and door frames for installation into the rough in framing in a home. You might need to use a screw driver or small pry bar to open the individual coils to get these wooden wedges started. These wedges are usually sold in a pack of 10 or 20 wedges for a minimal price and you can put in whatever number of them to stretch individual coils of the spring until it is long enough to hook the top and bottom of the new sping in place (each wedge should gain you about 1/2 inch per space) and then pull out the wedges one at a time to allow the spring to shorten back into place on the top frame hook and also the eye on the jack pad. I think, do not know for sure, that this is a safer way to stretch the springs, both old for removal and new for installation than trying to use some tool to stretch those springs. YMMV

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If by now you haven't changed the springs; heres the easest way to do it

Get two packages of cloths pins at walmart

remove the springs; now you have two halves

extend the jack you want to change the springs on

slide 15 clothspins on on side of open spring 180 degreas slide another 15 cloths pins

retract jack

you will need to help the jack up; with the clothspins in the springs they wont go up, I use a 6 foot long 2 by four

springs now can be removed real easy

tie 6 foot piece of strong rope to each end of new spring

Tie one end of rope to strong object ( I used a telephone pole)

tie other to car bumper; I used the trailer ball on my truck

strech spring far enough to insert 15 cloths pins on each side; just like you did on the jack

back up truck remove spring rope

put new springs on jacks

run jacks down cloths pins will mostly fall out; ones that don't can be removed easy

your done

should add the cloths pins need not go in all the way; half way is usualy far enough

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i am a rvia certified rv tech, working for a small dealership in northeast tn. i recently had to replace 2 springs on a hwh jack. i started by hooking up the inboard spring and the connecting rodup to the back of the mount, hooked the outboard spring to the connecting rod and used a pry bar in the bottom loop of the outboard spring, prying against the spring retaing stud(mount), just slipped the spring onto the stud and wha la was done. no i have to admit i called hwh cus it looked impossible, but really was pretty easy. you do need to use caution, these springs are pretty strong, so do not lay where it can get loose and hit you! i used a piece of wire to hold the jack in the up position while i worked on it.

hope this helps!

steve sandidge

by an rv'er for rv'ers

rvia cert tech

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