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About this blog

We are Keith & Merari giving up “normal” for an opportunity to share our faith with family, and friends (f3). Keith is a software technology strategic leader executive with 20 years of experience. Keith has served as a church Deacon (2x: Harvester Baptist Church, Calvary Community Church), (Weems Creek Baptist Church) Sunday School Leader, Kids Worship Leader and a Centrkid Church Leader for nearly 20 years. Merari is a fantastic wife, mother of 3 and dynamic Women’s Ministry mentor.

(faith) We believe that a life surrounded by faith and serving different communities is a privileged opportunity for the Christian faith. (family) Way back in 1993 we left our hometown Miami and moved to Maryland. We have since moved to California where we became foster parents and adopted culminating in a move back to Maryland. We started RVing back in 2014 and fell in love with the lifestyle immediately. (friends) We’ve made some great friends on both coasts but we have felt that the stationary lifestyle doesn’t afford us the opportunity serve others and connect to new communities (f3).

"Remember is not just the Destination, but the Joy of the Journey"

For more stories follow us at: www.tlpathway.com


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Yellowstone Adventures

Yellowstone Adventures

Yellowstone Adventures: Geysers!!!   Today we ventured forth in our Yellowstone explorations... since we are blessed to be able to stay in the area for a few weeks, we'll be able to explore the park at our own pace. So today we explore the beautiful geothermal features the Park is so well known for.. did you know that about HALF of all the worlds geothermal features are found right here at Yellowstone??? Which are fueled by the massive super volcanic caldera...(about 500 of them
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