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Let the Maintenance begin

Who would have thought? A RV dealer that is actually standing by the product he sells. At least he made me happy. Now that the coach is home again it is time to look at some preventative maintenance. I created a checklist of things that need to be done soon. The list looked like this: • Wash, wax, polish the coach • Change all fluids o Engine oil o GenSet oil o Coolant o Brake fluid o Tranny fluid o Diff fluid o Leveling Jacks o Fresh beer in fridge • Check if the coach got Da

Delivery and First Trip

September 23, 2008, was the big day. I was nervous and scared. A friend of mine drove to Red Deer, Alberta, with me. He has been driving motorhomes before and I felt like I need somebody with me who knew how to handle this beast. The delivery took around three hours. I found a few things that did not work the way I liked. A technician on standby took care of all the issues I presented. Now I just had to drive the baby home, 1.5 hours north to Edmonton. At first I was a little intimidated. This

The Purchase

Here we go! I'll give blogging a try. Never done this before. I guess I will write about my experiences with my motor coach, purchase, taking delivery and so on. Let me start by writing about our camping experiences in the past. If I go back all the way to the beginning, it actually started in December 1993 in Germany. I was a soldier in the German Armed Forces and just got promoted to Sergeant. I was sitting at our company Sergeant's Christmas party when the company chief approached a group
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