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A South Dakota bugout

blog-0045464001371475995.jpgLast night in Iowa, I was complaining abut the gnats.

Tonight in South Dakota, it’s the Frankenbugs.

The bugs have only gotten bigger as we’ve moved west

Honestly, I dont know what they are. Way bigger than a gnat. Some are beetles, or what we used to call June bugs. But there are so many and they are so big that as we drove down I-90 in South Dakota, they hit the windshield with an intensity that sometimes sounded like hail.

Jennifer said it was a bugout.

You can see from this photo and the video below what it was like:

Today was one of those awesome driving days. We took our time, stopping in Des Moines to workout at a health club and then heading on through Iowa, Nebraska and into South Dakota. We dodged storms in the morning but otherwise had near perfect weather, bright blue skies with puffy cotton candy clouds and lush green prairieland.

At sunset, we were treated to a jaw dropping South Dakota sunset of fiery oranges and reds and pink pastels.

South Dakota sunset

Then it got dark. And the attack of the Frankenbugs began.

We pulled off at Mitchell a little before 11 p.m. and washed off the windshield.

There were several truckers and a guy in a fifth wheel doing the same thing.S

“Something hatched,” said the trucker next to me. “Ive never see them so intense.”

Inside the station, the clerk was chuckling “Worse than a snowstorm,” he allowed.

Exactly. A bugout.

We’re spending the night in a packed Cabela’s parking lt. There are 14 other RVs here, Class As and Cs and a couple of fifth wheels.

Inside my eTrek, I’m running the air and we’re snug as…. dare I say?… a bug.



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