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The Battle of the Bugs in Michigan’s UP



I have a serious bone to pick with whoever calls Michigan’s Upper Peninsula a paradise. Not this trip. This RV adventure was a battle of the bugs.

And while it looks pretty out the window of the motor coach, venture outside and you are fair game for swarms of insects that see you as smorgasbord.

The mosquitoes and biting black and stable flies of the Lake Superior region are the worst they’ve been in years. Locals blame it on the unusually wet spring and summer we’ve had this year.


Indeed, the night before this video was shot in early July, the area in the western Upper Peninsula around Gogebic County, where we were staying in the Porcupine Mountain State Wilderness Area, got drenched with three inches of rain.

That said, I came prepared. I had bug spray, fly strips and a clip-on contraption that runs a miniature fan for 12 hours on three AAA batteries and is supposed to emit a personal cloud of protective repellant.

Jennifer also brought along Avon Skin So Soft and even some vanilla extract, as suggested by blog readers.

Then she stayed inside the Roadtrek all afternoon, relaxing and reading while Tai and I tested all the bug and fly fighting tools.

They didn’t work. Nary a one. We only caught a paltry half dozen flies with the strip.

Tai’s nose is all swollen from mosquito bites and he is giving me very dirty looks.

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Phelps, Wisconsin wasn't any better. When the wind would died down the mosquitoes came out and we headed in! Clip on contraptions, I think actually brought more out, sprays didn't seem to stop them.

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