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Yellowstone Adventures



Yellowstone Adventures: Mammoth Springs...have you ever wonder what would it be like to travel to the surface of Mars??? Honestly, after spending days exploring the geothermal beauties at Yellowstone, I feel like I am at a far, far away planet...the terrain, the colors, the smells... all leave you with another world feel...


one of the things that is becoming a favorite of mine is the way that trees that are decomposing look in the surrounding landscape ..(stay tuned for my photo collage of those)...


but here is our adventure at Mammoth Spring - a cluster of terraces flowing with limestone (calcium carbonate) to create majestic Travertine Terraces of all shapes and colors..and to our delight we had our first encounter (FROM AFAR!!) with a grizzly bear while it munched away at its breakfast... and lots and lots of Elks...


"Remember is not just the Destination, but the Joy of the Journey"

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Thank you!!! We love to be able to share with our children and others the beauty of this country's National Parks & Monuments, History and its people.. We feel blessed that we get to travel, while my husband works and I guide our kids through school and we volunteer along the way... Enjoy the Journey!!!

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