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Excitement Builds!

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There are just four days to go until our manufactured (used to be called mobile) home is moved onto our lot at Sandpipers Resort. I guess they renamed them because they tend to be parked pretty permanently once they arrive on their home location so they really aren't that mobile. Now a motor home, that's mobile! What a funny language we have. Here in the Rio Grande Valley the mobile homes do usually move one more time. Local residents, many of them recent immigrants will buy them for pennies on the dollar when they can no longer stay in the winter Texan parks and they become home to a dozen people in what are called the Colonias. These are small communities with minimal utilities and hardly any roads that become their dream home, getting a toe hold on the good ol' USofA. It's the modern version of a "soddie."

Anyway, I'm in the process of running the utilities from the fence line through the conduit to the location where they will be hooked up to the house. Today I managed to get the water line connected and ready to hook into the house. There is a satisfaction that goes with getting everything to fit and work like it should that is hard to achieve in the more temporal occupations. I like building things. I'm not particularly talented at it, every project is a learning experience. I do love to learn!

Today Tom and Adelle stopped by to watch me work and visit. I bowled (had my best ever game, a 255) with them several years ago and really enjoyed getting to know them. Tom offered any tool (no help but any tool) I needed. Since I was working on plumbing he offered to bring me his PVC pipe cutter. I had never seen one but, OK, I'll try anything once. He brought it and it looked like a giant scissors. Well, that is exactly what is was and it cuts PVC pipe like a scissors. Wow, I never thought this was possible. For years I cut PVC pipe with a saw. So, I learned something new. There's a tool I've got to have! But, hey, I've got friends and I do have that tool!

I found that the main cut-off for our lot didn't cut-off anything, the water kept flowing so I had to shut down one whole section of the park and install a new cut off valve. Thanks to Tom's pipe cutter, I had it all done in 10 minutes. That was a snap! I don't think anyone even knew the water was off. There are only two other couples home in that part of the park. One helped me find the main shut off valve and the other was mowing his yard right by the valve! I guess they knew. Can't get away with anything in a close community.

This evening I made a trip to town (Edinburg) to Lowe's to get supplies to keep a crew busy tomorrow. They will arrive at 7:00 a.m. to avoid the heat to the day. We'll put in a half day and by then the temperatures will be well into the 90's. That's why most everyone has headed north by this time. The park becomes a quiet ghost town. During the peak season in the winter, there will be over a hundred people at a feast. We'll be lucky to have 30 people at Cinco de Mayo. It is a quiet calm that makes the park quite enjoyable.

Tomorrow I have several members of the concrete crew (see my previous post) coming at 7:00 a.m. and we'll work on some landscaping and final preparations for the arrival of the house. Half the lawn can be roughed in and that is tomorrow's agenda. I have all the "stuff" for the day. Some conduit and gutter drains to be put under the dirt fill. I also have a shopping list for the next day! I hope Lowe's is open late tomorrow night. My project for Sunday is to get the electric run from the main panel on the fence to the point where they will hook up to our home. Bring it in and plug it in! I've done that a few hundred times!

I'm excited!

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