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The Weather Takes One Last Swipe at Our New Home

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There must be a message here. Perhaps we should not be setting up household but should continue to stay full time on the road! We have had no end of weather delays this spring while trying to get our manufactured home on site and ready for occupancy.

Each of three stages of concrete pour had to be delayed, some several times, due to heavy rain. Once we had concrete we had to wait several weeks for the ground to dry enough to bring in the manufactured home. Construction of an addition also has been delayed by rain. But finally after several weeks of construction we were just a few days from finishing the job. I left on Sunday the 27th to return to our motor home in Foristell, MO. It is a two day drive with an overnight along the way. I was driving the Trailblazer which is faster than the motor home but much less comfortable. By the end of the drive I was weary and also aware of the changing course of Alex, the hurricane.

Monday morning I called our contractor to ensure that all the construction materials would be removed and the missing windows and garage door would be boarded up to prevent damage to the structure. Tuesday I watched the weather and worried about everything getting done while watching the developing path of Alex. For a while it seemed as if it was headed directly for South Texas. It ended up well south in Mexico but that put South Texas on the windward side of the hurricane where the heaviest weather would occur.

Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment, routine check up. My blood pressure was a little higher than my normal good pressure. Meanwhile I was watching rain bands wind their way over South Texas, one after another.

Thursday evening we finally got a report from friends at Sandpipers letting us know the status of the weather and our home. A total of seven inches of rain fell in the vicinity of the park. There is a field that floods with heavy rain and it was once again "Lake Sandpiper." The debris on our driveway showed that the lake shore reached about half way up the sloped section of the driveway. By the time the pictures were taken, the water had receded about 4 inches.

Once the water recedes from the driveway and the road clears, perhaps by Tuesday, we'll be able to get the final windows and garage door installed. I called the supplier of the sun screens for our windows and he assured me he would replace the one which disappeared sometime during the storm. By the end of this week we may finally have a home. We can't wait to hear that the job is done. It will be October before we are able to inspect the final work and occupy our home.

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