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We're Here in Goliad!

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Finally we have made it to Goliad State Park, Goliad, Texas! We had quite the adventure coming down here and spent some pretty long days driving. Unfortunately, we had to leave Maine late, so there wasn’t a lot of time to travel down here, and it was 6 days of some pretty hard driving.

We just found convenient RV parks to stay at overnight and some weren’t the greatest, to say the least, but we are finally here! It really helps when both of us can share the driving and we usually took 2-hour shifts behind the wheel. That helped to break up the long days on the road.

What a beautiful place Goliad State Park is! Texas really takes pride in their state parks and it surely shows here at Goliad! The place is beautiful and the staff is wicked friendly. We certainly could not have asked for a better place for our first volunteer position.

The mission Espiritu Santo and its grounds are very beautiful. Peg and I host four days at the mission museum and one ay at the birth home of General Ignacio Zaragoza, who was the general who beat the French at Puebla, Mexico. The battle is now celebrated as Cinco de Mayo. The Goliad area is bathed in so much history, which has really kept us amazed and busy learning it all.

The campgrounds at the state park are really nice. One section has 20 pull-through FHU sites that are well spacedand kept immaculate. The sites are situated around a very large common with lots of well-groomed grass and trees and very quiet. There are several other camping areas, some just for tents that are situated along the San Antonio River and one other area that has back-in sites with water and electric. It is a beautiful place to camp and if you are ever in this area it is well worth your while to come and stay here.

The town of Goliad is very quaint and very western. The storefronts look like something out of a western movie and one could expect to see a couple of cowboys getting ready to shoot it out at noon. It is much too peaceful for that, however. The very center of town is the historic courthouse, even with a hanging tree outside the main entrance. Yes, the tree was really used for hangings in the old days.

The weather has been fantastic so far with mostly clear days with temperatures in the 80s and nighttime lows in the mid-50s. I’m sure we will get some rain at some point in time, but for now it is just plain awesome. We are so happy here and our two golden retrievers are as happy as can be, too. We haven’t seen a lot of wildlife yet, but we did see our first armadillo the other night. What amazing and interesting creatures they are! We have also seen a few rabbits, and vultures are everywhere. I will post a few pictures later on if I can figure out how to post/paste them here. I hope all is well with everyone and, as they say here, Ya All Come Down, Ya Hear!

Jack, Peg, and the two fuzzies

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