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Well, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are still sitting in our yard in Maine waiting to migrate south with all the other birds. Finally, we have all of our roadblocks completed and are now free to travel.

In the next few days we will start our travels south to Texas and are really excited. We are more than anxious to start our adventure! However, the time we have spent in our motorhome in our yard has had its pluses, as well.

I finally was able to track down our mystery water leak under our kitchen sink, which was driving us crazy. The leak would happen only once in a great while. What I found was that the leak occurred only when the hot water heater was first turned on. As the water heated, pressure built up in the system just enough for the water to leak at the fitting where the hot water hose joined with the hot water faucet. I just applied some plumber's gook to the fitting and ... problem solved!

Waiting around to leave has been a bit frustrating, but we have accomplished a lot.

We did have to change our travel plans quite a bit and were not able to drive out to Sioux Falls, S.D., or to visit our daughter and family in Colorado. We did fly out to Sioux Falls to obtain our driver’s licenses and become residents. In the spring we will leave Texas and head west to make our visit to Colorado, etc. But now, we will head south directly to our first volunteer position at Goliad State Park & Historic site in Texas and are looking so forward to it.

The weather here in Maine has really turned very fallish and the birds are gathering in flocks heading south. Some of the trees are starting to turn color and, with the cool crisp air, it's a reminder that it's time for us to migrate as well.

This summer we had a pair of Canada goose raise a family of five goslings and we were able to watch them grow and finally learn to fly and leave. We thought we would never see them again; however, just this morning they have returned as they, too, prepare to fly south for the winter. So our “Adventure†will finally begin! I will add to our blog as we experience our journey.

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Great to hear that you are ready to roll. We just completed a 7 day drive from California to south Texas. The weather is plenty warm here, take your time driving down! Just kidding. You'll enjoy the adventure. May you have a tailwind all the way!

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Jack and Peggy have a safe trip we are heading north to Greenville with Good Sam Group this weekend it is suppose to be a wapping 60 deg day and 40 at night, See what your missing! Peggy we miss your smiling face in church on sunday God speed and have a great time


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