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And so it begins



We've sold what we could and donated the rest. Our life now fits into a 31-foot motorhome and the 6-foot bed of a pickup truck.

I already know that soon we will be paring down our belongings even more. I've told hubby that he has to quit adding "stuff"! "A place for everything, and everything in it's place" is my new motto LOL!

We've been sleeping in our 1987 Bounder for almost a week. Tonight will be the sixth night. It's been pretty comfortable, but then again we are parked in our daughter's driveway, plugged in to electricity, and have full access to her home for kitchen, bathroom and television. We haven't cooked, eaten or showered in the coach yet, although we do dress in there. It's a bit tight, to say the least, as we are both big people.

I've realized in this short time how convenient electricity is, and I am getting a tad bit antsy about being without it for five months. We have two generators, but somehow it's just not as comforting as that little plug.

I think my little old dog is having the hardest time with the change. She does not realize that this is our new home. She prefers the comforts of a "house." Every night when I tell her "let's go to bed," she runs to my daughter or into the guest bedroom wanting up on the bed. When we get up in the morning and take her out to potty she runs to the front door as soon as she's done.

We'll be leaving next weekend for Washington state, where we will be gatekeepers in a day use area from May to October. No house for her to run to then! It'll be an adjustment, but I'm sure she'll be fine. Hopefully we will, too. ;)


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Grads to you new lifestyle! We started our full-timing adventure 2 years ago and we love it. Down sizing to a motor home is quite the challenge, but again it is very liberating! We did the same thing 2 years ago and sold and gave away everything we did not need or could not fit into our motor home. You will be surprised how fast you will adjust to living in a smaller place. Our 2 golden retrievers have adapted to living in the motor home and traveling pretty quickly. We started out in a 34' Journey and just moved up to a 40' with 3 slides so we have more room now, but we were perfectly comfortable in the 34'. We also do volunteer work at state parks around the country and it is a exciting and fun lifestyle. So enjoy and have fun!

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We wish you good luck. We are not full-timers, but do have a 32ft Damon Daybreak that we have traveled across country with, and we have lived in the motorhome for different lengths of time up to 4 months. We have also spent time doing volunteer work at state parks in VA and GA. We now live in SC, and will travel next month to NH to visit friends, and then across country to CA to see many of our National Parks.

Our Damon has 2 slides, which surprisingly adds some nice space. We love traveling in the motorhome, but we like having our home in SC in an adult community with many, many amenities too. In our travels, we have met many people who travel and are both full-timers, and part-timers like we are, and have met many lovely, interesting people.

So, go for it! Have a great time!

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