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  1. Thanks Ross, we have been looking at purchasing one.
  2. I learned last summer how to drive our coach, started on freeway, my husband is an excellent teacher, I would love a day with a driving coach, i have mastered a 3 point turn, I can hitch and unhitch our toad, back up into a space. Knowing that if something were to happen and my husband is not able to drive, I am capable. Yes ladies YOU CAN
  3. It is a personal choice! We love ours it has some quirks, this is our second one. Completely different from our first. My parents bought only one "brand" but had 3 different models over 15 years. It is all a personal choice. My suggestion, go to an RV resort for a weekend rent a cabin. Walk the park, talk to as many people as you can, take notes ask for tours of their coaches, ask them the pros and cons of their coach. Motorhome owners are the nicest people you can ever know, helpful and love to share. As far as the Manufacturer, Actually they will give you the information, ask to talk to the consumer relations Operation Manager...they will get you to the right person. Blue Skies Kathy
  4. Mt Rushmore KOA is a day in itself w kids...they have a lot of planned activities for children and Family, also the loop around Rushmore is spectacular am or early evening trip. Plan on taking bus for KOA to Mt Rushmore itself , then you don't pay for parking and have a good time w the bus driver, the Night Time lighting of Rushmore is WELL worth it! You can get far away pics on scenic drive, but up there at night is a thing the children will remember.
  5. Good morning, we are actually full timers and own a shop in West Yellowstone, it is a quaint little town, Grizzley RV is a very nice park, there is a lot to do and a nice night life in West Yellowstone in July, there is a Community theater that does plays this year they are doing 4 different shows, a group of very talented young people. This is the Playmill Theater...google it they have a Beauty and the Beast matinee on Saturdays. I would also go to the Grizzly center. The Town Of West Yellowstone also puts on it's own Firework display every year. This is funded by the local town and last year quite the show, Grizzly RV is just about at point 0 for it right over head practically. Last year our show was approx, 20+ minutes It is easy access to park and a good place to be. Just my 2 bits! Kathy
  6. Our jacks have been bumping, we have been in freezing temperature for 2 days, is this normal? Should be without jacks down right now?
  7. Hi welcome! We are full timers too here in SoCal! Hubby works full time when he's off work we go! Live currently in the AV! We haven't joined a local chapter. Couldn't decide on which one... So just having fun hanging out here! Have fun downsizing, we did this 8 years ago went back to brick n stick, now back to full time! Loving it! You have inspired me to get our blog going!
  8. They don't tell you that the 211k doesn't work with the older roof mounted satellites.
  9. Thank you. It has been strange, usually trips at night, only appliances that are running, electric hot water and our fridge, it usually trips several times at night. Will be moving in the next few days. Thanks again for the input.
  10. We are currently staying in a park, our surge guard has been working overtime. In the middle of the night it will turn off several times, we complained to the park that the voltage is intermittent, they have changed the plug out we were fine for 6 nights and it went off again last night, we have even plugged into the 30 amp power and after a few days same problem, we have replaced our surge guard over the summer wondering if this one has a glitch also? The electrician showed me the voltage meter and everything is OK at the power pole. Any ideas?
  11. We koa this summer, they were all very nice except 1 out of 6 weeks
  12. Hey Ben Welcome! We sorta fell into the same category. What if a group outside FMCA started a camping club at church or the Elks lodge. We had some friends ex-military that started one at the local base ... Just a thought. Kathy
  13. This summer we used our BIG RIG BEST BETS current edition, every campground we stayed at was beyond our expectations!
  14. Alisa Glad you both are well! keep the stories coming~ kathy
  15. Any concerns for the route from Salt Lake to Denver on I-70?? We are 40 feet and a toad. AAA advised us to go up to 1-15 to I-80 and back down to Loveland
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