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Woo hoo! Thank ya Jesus!

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We lived through our 1st day on the road with out any major issues!! Hallelujah! I have to tell ya'll I prayed & talked to the Lord for the whole 250 miles! :P

The day didn't start out very good, Hubby is driving the Bounder & I'm following behind in a Dodge 1500. (We'll find a nice toad later). ANYway, we learned something right off the bat.... We stopped to fill up on the way out of town, I put $40 in the truck & hubby was filling the beast when all at once, at $121 the gas shut off and the pump said 'authorization limit reached'....with a 100 gallon gas tank we need about $400 in gas...... now I don't carry cash & we don't have credit cards, we just use a visa check card with my bank....Needless to say, Hubby had a mini-melt down because he thought there was a limit on how much I could use my card per day.

My bank is just down the road so I went to see if I could get the limit raised and I pulled out a wad of cash to use while traveling. Come to find out that it wasn't my card at all, but the gas pump itself!

We had no idea that you can only authorize so much at a time & if we'd swiped the card again we could have got more gas!! Apparently, it says so right on the pump but really, WHO reads that stuff?? Okay, I admit it, WE don't read it LOL! But we will from now on. Ended up going back to the bank and putting half the $$ back in (blush).

Finally, an hour & a half later than planned, we got on the road. I have to say I was very proud of hubby; he managed to keep it between the lines instead of riding the line on one side or the other. If you knew ANYTHING about my hubby's driving, you'd understand why I was proud ;) & he didn't try to pass ONE person vehicle! Normally he has to be first in line when driving.

People were passing us left & right though & I got on the CB and congratulated him saying that we were now officially the people he hated to see on the road...slow drivers! LOL! That's okay though, going 55 will save on gas (I hope!!)

As we came up to Wildhorse resoviour (where is the spell check on here??) with lots of sharp corners & twisty turny roads I radioed him and reminded him that I could still 'back seat drive' from where I was at, to which he replied he could just turn off his CB if I did. LOL! Gotta love those CB's!

All in all it was a good maiden voyage. Things went smoothly, no tires flew off or anything, & I must say, it was nice having a toilet right there when I needed to go! LOL!

We'll be here at the inlaws for a few days so I won't have anything to write about until the next leg of our trip.


The only issue we had was that the battery started smelling right before we got here. Dad said that the alternator was charging it too much & making it boil & that if we run with the lights on it would stop doing that.... I'll be posting on the forum about it but if you have any insight I'd love to hear it!

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You have to keep all your batteries, house and chassis, filled with distilled water, which means checking them on a regular basis, like once a week. The house batteries, usually located under the stairs, will set of the propane detector alarm if they get low on water.

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Best wishes as you head out on your adventures. Lots of information to be learned on different forums. From driving tips to how to deal with blank tank smells , they have all been discussed on the forums. A great way to get lots of first hand advice on the life style! Have fun, be safe, and enjoy! Wishing you many happy miles and smiles! :)


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Our credit union lets so many dollars in visa swipes on Debit card and so many dollars in debit swipes. Hmmm many need clarification on how much max limit each time?

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