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23 days until Departure "T" Day

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Howdy Ya All,

I've been lazy with the blog....

but moving right along.... in 23 days we leave, that's May 30, in the morning... the master trip planner (me), kinda like a load-master in the Air Force, has got more lists started than one person can keep up with, most are not up to date... but, lists are a bit like a security banket... a list and a cold beer, a great way to relax :lol:

Three of us are going on the month long, 7,000 mile trip... my significant other (Big Boss), Dale the dog (Little Boss) and me (labor.)

I think I deleted a blog entry... it had the trip itinerary.... here it is again,

May 30, leave Cathedral City, CA stay in Campe Verde, AZ, 341 miles, stay at Distant Drums RV Resort.

May 31, June 1, drive to Taos, NM for two days, 505 miles, stay at Taos RV CG.

June 2, drive to Amarillo, TX, one night, 314 miles, stay at Oasis RV Park.

June 3, next to Oklahoma City, OK, one night, 256 miles, stay at Oklahoma City East KOA.

June 4, next to Branson, MO, one night, 323 miles, stay at American Best CG,

June 5, 6, next to Nashville, TN, 455 miles, stay at Two Rivers CG.

June 7, next to Hillsville, VA, one night, 390 miles, stay at Lake Ridge RV Resort.

June 8, next to College Park, MD, 326 miles, stay at Cherry Hill CG, for 10 days.

So that trip plan gets us to Washington DC.

Some other things on my to do list,

- I've been attempting to buy 2 RV tires for 3 weeks, and they are still on back order....

- one of the AC unit's motor failed, it has been on back order for 2 weeks...

- the bedroom slide topper is ripped... and guess what... it's on back order

.... I was told by the local RV service folks, also by Newmar Corporation, that a distribution plant burned down in Mexico.... I find it hard to accept there is only one distribution plant that produces all RV parts...

Today I had a doctor appointment, the Doc suggested we take along our recent medical history... which he provided.

We also joined Coach-Net Road Service... so now we have three roadside services, the RV insurance company, the extended maintenance company, and now Coach-Net. I did call the Medex Service that is provided with the FMCA benefits and they were helpful in explaining the services they prov One of the benefits the Boss likes, is if I get sick and can't drive, Medex will get the RV back to our home in California.

That's it for tonight...

Doug and Trudy

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