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  1. Found out that the unit will work while driving, it will not show information on dvd while driving. love this keeps kids quiet while we drive to campground. Thanks for all the replies. oldnewguy
  2. We have a new Sunseeker Class C. To play a DVD it goes into the radio in front. when you release the parking brake, the DVD stops but the tv stays on. I have a DVD player that is 12volt. i have tried to hookup the DVD to play while driving. the TV is above my head on a swing out from the over head bunk. do i have to play with the box that controls all the TVs to get it to work. I have connected it into the second component with on luck. I must be missing a step that someone must know. Thanks in advance oldnewguy
  3. We are looking at a 2013 Class C Forester at Shady Maple RV in Penn. Always bought a unit in state. Question is "has anyone hear of this place" second "has anyone from Mass bought in Penn" and were there any problems. I found information about a farm stand but nothing on the dealership. We do have a trade and they offered the most sight unseen. Thanks, oldnewguy
  4. We have a 2005 Georgie Boy with a cream colored rug. Well, after all this time and 4 kids, we have spots that will not go away. We would like to remove the rug and replace it with that wood style flooring they sell at Home Depot. So has anyone done it and any problems with the slides. we live in the northeast corner of the U.S. so RV shops are few and far away. ll
  5. We did call cg and went on facebook to see them, but nothing beats a reply of someone that has been there.
  6. We are going to this campground for Thanksgiving and are wondering if they have restrooms and showers. We travel with 4 children and need this. The web sites say they are closed but have temps set up. we wonder what kind of temps. Any info will be helpful. Thanks. oldnewguy
  7. We are planning on buying a Fleetwood Jamboree Sport Class C 31m but cannot find a dealer in our area that has one to look at. Also, it seems no one has posted any comments on how they like it. I do not like to buy sight unseen, so I am hoping someone will respond to my question. We travel with four children and like the idea of a table in the back that turns into a bunk. This should give us more space to eat and more seating while traveling.
  8. This is our first year with a fast pass on motorhome. Going over the Tappan Zee NJ turnpike over the Delaware bridge 4 in FL. I believe only CT and FL do not accept the fast pass. Someone must have done this. Please let me know the secret.
  9. I believe the campus you are looking for is near the Kennedy library in Boston. You can stay at Normandy farms in Foxboro and they will get you to Boston during the summer. They are open year round so you can contact them any time for information. This campground has been shown on the travel channel as a prime resort, so you my find it at little costly but worth it. KOA in Middleboro offers Boston trips in the summer and is near the train into Boston. They opened on March 1st and stay until Nov. Best offers I can give you-- Boston is not an RV friendly place. Good luck. oldnewguy
  10. I have a 2005 Georgie Boy Pursuit that has a very loose dash. I called and wrote to several companies that have politely told me that my coach manufactuer has gone out of business. Can anyone give me an idea of how they would secure the dash in a class a motor home. Up under my dash is all rusted so it is hard to tell what they did. Thank you in advance for any help.
  11. I plan to go to Myrtle Beach in April and I will be with a 16-year-old, a 15-year-old, a 9-year-old, and a 2-year-old child. There are three campgounds side-by-side: Ocean Lakes Pirateland and Lakewood. All seem about the same price with different pools and activities. I am looking for advice from members who have been there. I will have no towed car and want the ocean. Thank you in advance for your help.
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