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  1. Check out the GPAA at http://www.goldprospectors.org/ I've had a membership with them for years, great source for info, activities, products, and they have private areas around the country available for members to prospect. Texas doesn't have any public lands so I don't get much time in the field. One of the things I picked up on from GPAA mags was to get a good metal detector to use for nugget shooting especially around mine tailings. Like was previously stated they didn't have this technology in the old days...no telling what may have been missed in the rock from days of old, it's always fun looking and a lot cheaper than playing the lottery. I've had my RV less than a year, and haven't made it back out to AZ or NV since, but my pan and detector stay in the minnie-winnie just in case! Now that I'm self contained I can't wait to get out West in public lands around some old mines until then I'll keep honing my skills on the Texas beaches sorting pop tops from coins looking for that washed up Spanish dubloon
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