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  1. fuses are all good, switched relay from a system that i know is working, nothing changed. checked power to switch, it's good, checked power out of switch with 12v test light and it shows power when switch is turned on and off. totally perplexed
  2. headlights, tail lights and running lights won't work, turn signals, flashers and brake lights are ok. have checked all fuses that i can find, they are good. 08 phaeton 36 ft qsh on spartan chassis,
  3. fairly comfortable. this had been suggested by a friend, the breaker is a little difficult to access but I guess I should tear into it and do the test. thanks for your input.
  4. I have a onan hdkak 8000 generator in my class a phaeton '08. generator will start and runs great, but will not produce power. breaker does not chance anything when switching from on and off. any ideas?? I'm thinking the breaker may be faulty
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