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  1. Thanks Herman and Carl. Ross, I was hoping that there were more chapters participating in this forum but it looks like it would require me contacting the individual chapters to get specific answers, however Herman did provide me with the general answer I was looking for.
  2. Bill, it’s just a general question to see how other chapters operate.
  3. Have any of you who held chapter rallies seen positive cases following the rally?
  4. Do any chapters require sponsors to be able to join your chapter?
  5. Carl, Cruisin Cajuns is the chapter. Still waiting for Louisiana to get their heads on straight and lower the cases before we make our final decision on the November and December rallies. If you're on our Facebook group, you can see what's going on with members right now.
  6. Thanks Herman and Carl. We held our elections and have announced the “winners”, however we may be using Zoom to install our 2021 board at the rate it’s going.
  7. How are chapters handling their installations for 2021 officers during this time of Covid?
  8. Hi Herman, as you know Cruisin Cajuns rallies are a whole different animal and Louisiana’s reopening orders are just at the beginning phases. We basically compare our rallies to a mini 6 state rally. lol. Our usual rally attendance is about 100 registrations (200 people) so we’re trying to gather info on how other chapters with usual large attendance are adapting to the safety concerns associated with Covid 19.
  9. What are other chapters doing to continue holding member interest and work within guidelines for having rallies during the remainder of this year?
  10. I purchased a 2008 Cayman new in July of last year and found out not long after about the trailing arms. I had purchased an extended warranty with the dealer that was suppose to work just like it being a factory warranty. Well long story short they would not even meet me half way to pay a dime on the replacement of the trailing arms. I bit the bullet and changed them because I could not see 2800 dollars being more important than my wife and my life. I feel much more comfortable now going on a trip that it will not break and cause an accident. Heard too many bad stories of other breakages. Oh, I did get mine from Source and really satisfied with the product.
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