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  1. I am curious, it does seem it matters who the main person on the membership is? I recently did the paperwork to sign up but my husband (Who hates paperwork) should probably be the one to be better covered under the emergency assistance etc. He drives the toad 10 times more than I do and I never drive the motor home. Were thinking about signing up for the roadside assistance also, but again, because I'm the primary member then I would be primary on the roadside assistance I think. "Are my additional vehicles, spouse, and dependents eligible for coverage? Yes, your tow car and additional vehicles are covered. Owner, spouse or spousal equivalent, and any children under the age of 25 years old living at home also have their vehicles covered. Only roadside assistance benefits apply to the household." I make a terrible secretary, this stuff gives me a headache I understand what he doesn't like doing paperwork now
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