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  1. 1. Do you know how much one of these tires weighs? 2. Do you have a jack that can lift a truck of this weight off the ground to change the tire? 3. Could you loosen the lug nuts? This is not the family sedan. I actually have a spare, I have no intention of changing it, but that is just me. I have a road side assistance plan and I will use it.
  2. Was at the storage lot where I store the rv today. I turned the gas on to have hot water. When I left I turned everything off, water pump, electric store switch, inverter. etc. I get home, an hour away and about an hour later I'm thinking "did I turn the gas switch off?" I think I did but I am not 100% sure, now it's driving me nuts. With store switch on, no electric and water off is their any danger in the hot water gas switch being on? Am I going to be driving back out there in the morning?
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