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  1. Thank you for the data sheet. I'll check it out tonight.
  2. I replaced my tires with Bridgestone R268 295/80R 22.5 tires. I am going to a CAT Scale this week and would like to have proper tire pressure for axle weight. (no four corner scales near me) I am having trouble finding the spec sheets from Bridgestone for proper pressure / weight. Would any one have access to this information or direct me to a source? Thanks
  3. I am currently researching replacement tires for our bus that has the original (7year old) Michelins. Safety and ride comfort are my main point of concern while looking at the different brands and models. Michelins are great tires, at a price. My local commercial tire dealer is recommending Firestone FS561at a cost savings of about $150 per tire. Hopping to have the new skins put on next week once i have decided which tires to go with.
  4. Ross... Are you happy with the Firestone FZ561 ride quality and stability while driving?
  5. I bought a 2014 Tiffin Phaeton 40QBH with original tires. I want to replace them ASAP due to age. The stock tires are Michelin 275/80R22.5. What are you guys putting on your 35,000 lbs coaches? I started out planning to get Michelin X® LINE ENERGY Z ($556 through FMCA) and my local dealer is recommending Firestone FS561$425. I am all about saving a few bucks, but not at the expense of ride safety and quality. What are you guys putting on your 35,000 lbs coaches?
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