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  1. So I disconnected the shore power and turned off the house battery switch, I tested the batteries, and the measurements were as follows: the voltage ( using a millimeter was 12.83 , and when I used the hydrometer, the first battery tested 1.3 and the second battery 12.65 , are these too high? Is it possible to be because of overcharging?
  2. they are leaking from the caps, I haven't added any distilled water in over 8 months ( the RV was in storage for 6 months from May to November ) the charger is built in so I have no idea what type it is ( I do not know if it is smart charger or not, my RV is 2003 )
  3. there are no problems except that recently I noticed there is some sort of leak from one of the 2 connected house batteries, I am not sure if this is normal due to batteries being charged ( my RV has a built-in charger that charges when hooked to hsore power and I am constantly hooked up )
  4. The house batteries are exactly 3 years old , I replaced them in January 2018... I live in southern California, it is never below freezing here, temperatures are 100 daytime in the summer and 70s at night, in winter it is 60s daytime and 40s night time, usually the RV is in storage during the summer and I use it ( hook it up to shore power ) from November to April ... I do not know what type of charger is installed in my RV , all I know it is a 2003 Ford F-53 RV Four Winds Hurricane
  5. Hello Everyone… I have a 2003 Ford F-53 RV What’s the most accurate way to test house batteries using multimeter and hydrometer? Disconnect from shore power then keep few lights on inside the RV to give a bit of load? Do I have to disconnect the 2 batteries from each other and test each one separately? or no need to disconnect anything ? I appreciate any suggestions…
  6. Hello Everyone… I have a 2003 Ford F-53 RV I usually stay hooked up to shore power for 6 months, then leave the RV in storage for the other 6 months … So after 3 years of this schedule the chassis battery died even though I was hooked up for months , and now the deep cycle batteries are leaking .. (I did replace the starting battery ) What are my options in this case to increase the longevity of both the starting and house batteries? (Since the charging system is built in) disconnect from the shore power for few minutes every day? For few hours every week? Should I remove the negative terminal from the starting battery even when hooked to shore power? If so then how often? Take into consideration that my fridge and microwave work only when connected to shore power… I do not know much about how electric systems work so that is why I ask all these details to make sure I get it right
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