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  1. Unfortunately she only liked the Optima Premium. We just purchased a low mileage 2016 FWD SRX. she’s happy with it so that’s what counts!
  2. I’ve spoken to numerous sources to include Kia service Departments, Kia technical assistance, Roadmaster and Blue Ox. The 2020 Optima Ex with DCT transmission is now flat towable...that’s the good news. Bad news approval came through a 5/19 Kia Technical Service Bulletin. 2020 was the last model year for the Optima so know one is making baseplates for the vehicle. I even checked into custom fabrication, due to liability issues they aren’t willing to build them as “one offs” would be a great vehicle...but not going to happen.
  3. I have been searching for a TOAD my wife likes. I see in the 2020 FMCA towing guide the Kia Optima EX Premium listed as being able to be flat towed with a DCT transmission. We are in the middle of making a deal on one when I checked with e-trailer to get base plates a red flag came up. They don't see the 2020 Optima EX as being flat towable. Is anyone successfully towing a 2020 Optima??? getting conflicting information. I am going to look for an online owners manual to see what I can find. Any Information about the basis for FMCAs reference to the 2020 Optima EXs being flat towable would be helpful. Thanks in advance!!
  4. We are in the Atlanta area, have been in contact with several dealers locally and have the FR area representative Jay working with us as well.
  5. Getting close to pulling the trigger on a 21 Forest River Georgetown 36k7. Looking for the good the bad and the ugly. Any GT 7 owner’s perspectives would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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