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  1. Eureka, that is exactly what it was! Thanks Rayin and everyone for your assistance. You have, at a minimum, saved me from an embarrassing trip to the tire store.
  2. Actually, the tire gauge and air chuck that I use work on both types of valve stems.
  3. As you can see, there are large openings in the back of the outer rim that a rubber grommet fits into and the stem goes through the center of the grommet.
  4. Its hard to tell since these pictures have the caps on and there is no picture showing the end of the stem. I'll check with my local NAPA store for the adapter.
  5. I have an appointment with an local tire store Friday morning. I'll let you all know what I find out.
  6. No, the stem for the inner tire sticks straight out the back of the outer tire's rim. There is nothing in the way of screwing the sensor onto the stem.
  7. No, a metal cap doesn't fit on it, in fact the stem on the 2 inner dually tires didn't come with caps as all the other tires did. I didn't have any issues installing the sensors on the other 6 tires.
  8. No, I bought it last Oct. and the coach is 43'.
  9. I recently purchased TST-507-FT TPMS kit to install on my 2014 Newmar Ventana. The installation was fine except for the inner dually tires. The valve stem for these tires is slightly larger in diameter that the rest of the tires. Consequently, the sensor can not be screwed onto the valve stem. Has anyone have or heard of this problem and have a recommendation on how to resolve it?
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