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  1. I put a claim into Progressive RV ins. (I bought it thru FMCA, I have had nothing but good experience with FMCA up until this). They took forever, over a month to come out an see the issue. Once they did come out the adjustor quickly told me it was denied. I asked about appeal and he snapped at me, was extremely rude and short. Said this is not like Homeowners insurance and that you people all say the same thing... whatever that means. I guess we are all stupid other then him. He was rude and condescending the whole conversation, which since I was in my car my wife heard as well. Clearly from the beginning his mind was made up to deny the claim. Will be changing insurance company ASAP. Be sure to ask about what is covered when they call it water damage. Progressive will not pay anything if they mention water damage. I don't know if any other ins. company would have paid or not, but customer service is something I thought I paid my premium for... just saying
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