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  1. Thanks Everyone for the time you have taken to reply. I feel sure other questions will pop up. Be Blessed and THE BOSS and I will hopefully see some of you soon. Will let you know when the official cast off date is.
  2. Well noted. Funny, the very ones I am looking at (that the Boss) and I like, all have Spartan. One of the primary boxes to tick for me is Service and Support. As stated we are leaning towards a Dutch Star 4310, so unless I have misunderstood, Newmar rates very well in this area. I know there are other good manufacturers as well, but we really like the floor plan.
  3. Good Day All Thanks much for the insight and testimonies. I am leaning towards the FTL.
  4. I agree!!! The Pusher we ran years back was a Side Radiator.
  5. Bill Thanks for the feedback. On the Cooling question, I am asking in relation to the engine. I have heard that if not designed right, Pushers can run hot due to lack of air flow in extreme conditions. The Pusher that I towed a Stacker with years ago, never had a problem. BUT, since it can be such a major problem, I wanted to ask the Soldiers on the ground. Salesmen will tell you anything to get a sale, LOL!!!!
  6. Hey Bill Thanks for the reply. Currently in eastern NC, but preparing to move to TX and just started looking nationwide. Dutch Star (DS) 4310? Was looking at Entergra, A/Coach and Newmar. The Boss and I really like the layout and the 2nd full bath and Bunk Options. We have 4 kids that will each meet up with us for long weekends. Having the 2 bath/Bunk options will be good for us and give us flexibility.
  7. Good Day All My name is James. Just found the forum and am really glad I did. Not a newbie to RVing, but it has been 25+ years since I did, so I am out of touch with what is good and not good. Driving and handling is no issue due to growing up farming and racing with NHRA (vast travel). Drove Duallies with trailers to Diesel Class A with 30ft Stacker to Tractor/Trailers. BUT, I humbly ask you to review my questions and requests for wisdom, to help a bird that wants to fly again. AN OLD BIRD!! LOL I am looking at buying a Newmar Dutch Star 4310. Am considering used and new. Questions: Freightliner or Spartan Chassis? Why? Is the Cummings L9 a good engine? Allison 3000? I know the 4000 is good, and have had several others before in delivery trucks and the smaller with several Duramaxes. But do not know the 3000. How well do the Slides hold up? How well do the Storage Doors hold up? Does the Dutch Star have any cooling issues? Any issues with Mechanical, Plumbing, Generator or Electric? Areas that are prone to leak? (windows, area of roof, slide, etc) Please Note: I am asking about issues and things that are common or a weak spot with the Model. Thank You ALL in advance and Happy Easter to You and Family!!! GOD BLESS!!!
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