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  1. Thanks for all the info. Will contact an independent agent before we purchase.
  2. MDT is a medium duty truck as desertdeals69 stated. Strange when my Ram is considered a Heavy duty truck when it comes to pickups. I was hoping that someone who owns a Freightliner M2 would comment on the insurance cost etc. We pull a DRV Mobile Suites 5th wheel which is close to 21000 lbs loaded and that is maxing out the Ram. I see several people using a regular semi set up to pull their rig but don’t want to go that big. The freightliner M2 looks like a better set up for us. Crew cab set up with a Sport Chassis or Summit Hauler bed. Thanks
  3. Any ideas if a MDT -2006 freightliner M2 is harder/ more expensive insurance wise than a 2015 Ram dually? Which insurance co will insure MDT? We are full time, pulling a DRV 5th wheel heavy, 21000 lbs loaded. I feel that an MDT is safer but how much will it cost to switch?? Truck prices are similar. Thanks for any help from those of you who drive MDT.
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