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  1. The 2003 and 2004 Panthers are made by Monaco and are almost identical to the Dynasty. Only real difference is engine (C-12 505 CAT) and mid-entry door. We've been through quite the adventure in the last few months, getting the suspension up to snuff, which I've detailed in the thread listed below. https://www.irv2.com/forums/f24/2004-safari-panther-travel-mode-ride-height-537921.html
  2. BTW, After waiting too long for the kits, I ended up buying viton O-rings at my hydraulic hose and fitting shop for much less. Sizes were 015 and 028.
  3. By the way. I did order these seal kits which were supposed to be drop shipped from HWH. I never got them. Couldn't get tracking info from either party. I was told by NW RV Supply that I could cancel the order and send them it back and they would refund my money. Now I just have to figure out how to send it back if I don't get it in the first place. . I'm in a death spin on this. BTW, HWH said I could order directly from them. But, I've had other issues to deal with since then.
  4. I may have misinterpreted your first comment and thought that you were asking me to link to the answer I got elsewhere. I'm pretty new on these forums and don't know the rules yet.
  5. I got them online from NW RV Supply in Eugene, OR. $9.95 each kit. www.nwrvsupply.com I got an email they were being drop shipped directly from HWH. Part # RAP6554 - HWH O-Ring Kit For Six Valve Assembly Manifold
  6. Thanks for that, Manholt. FYI, I found that I had a bad coil on the travel solenoid valve on the six pack. I am also developing a leak when in auto-level mode that is driving me nuts. I replaced the coil and am getting ready to go through the six pack all to re-seal the valves to the body. I have a feeling the airbags are going to have to wait until the fall. I found the info on the ride height, but something isn't adding up. I posted about it here yesterday. 2004 Safari Panther travel mode ride height. - iRV2 Forums Greg
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm looking forward to checking out your post and will get back to you on the bags. I'm figuring the bags and shocks are on the agenda in the near future. I posted something else today on irv2 about setting ride height. Would value your feedback on that, too. Greg
  8. Just purchased a 2004 Safari Panther with S chassis. Promptly drove it from Texas to home in Washington. Yesterday noticed it is not airing up the drivers side when going to travel mode. Assume it is the left rear axle leveling valve. Will raise and dump manually. I'm pretty mechanical and used to own trucks, so used to doing my own work. Anyway, wondering if anyone can tell me where to find part numbers for bags and shocks so I can purchase them before attacking the leveling valve. I would like to do it all at once while I have the wheels off. Greg
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