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  1. We are needing to sell our class A gas coach. since we travel we can not sell it our selves as that would be inpractible for us to do we are able to cosign our coach pretty much in the usa, however we are in the desert southwest, but we would be willing to travel if needed here are the questions and advise that we would greatly appreciate, feed back on: 1. best states to cosign 2. does anybody have cosignment recommedations or definitly do not use theses people recommendations? 3. any experiances or lessons that you can share with us? we would like to thank you in adavnce for all your help.
  2. Oh my Gosh. a couple3 of days ago, while driving down a very winding road. We encountered a driver who crossed the yellow line coming in our direction. As I carefully swerved to allow him additional room from our Class A Damon intruder. I heard something tumble and break. When we were able to stop and inspect in a safe location, we found that a dinette chair had tumbled into the oven door and shattered it. Today as I am looking for a Atwood / Wedgwood RV oven door p/n 51986 for a 2123 model black glass door assembly. I cannot seem to locate any replacement doors or window for this model. HELP does anyone have an idea? I will wait until Monday to call Dometic, who apparently took over Atwood, but any help would be appreciated.. Can a glass company repair just the window?
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