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  1. Thnk you. I was able to find front speakers with fade button. I am a bit deaf even with hearing aided, but at least now my husband can hear it well enough to understand the words.
  2. I have a 2020 Jayco Allante class a motorhome. We cannot hear the radio when we are traveling because the engine is too noisy and the speakers are in the middle of the coach. Has anyone else encountered this problem and is there any ideas on how to get speakers that we can actually hear the radio while we’re traveling.
  3. Have a Jayco Allante clase 2020 RV. Have not been able to find a windshield mesh covering (outside), to fit the front windshield. The window covering manufactures that I have checked so far does not have a cover to fit our windshield. Does anyone know of a custom window covering company that makes it to fit our particular Jayco front windshield RV window?
  4. We recently Purchased a 2020 Jayco Alante gas powered Class A motorhome. The noise from the engine is so loud in the cab while driving that we can not hear the radio or book on tape clearly. Is there anyway we can possibly put in some installation to eliminate or deaden some of the noise. Has anyone else had this problem. Thank you for any and all responses and suggestions.
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