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  1. Can you use it while driving down the road?
  2. Update: I did try to tighten all of my connections and I also replaced my ATS but the problem still existed. However I discovered that the circuits involved (shedding or kicking out) were only those that were wired for support from the inverter (separate breaker box next to main service box), this was a clue, so upon removing the inspection plate on the side of my inverter where there is a 30 Amp reset breaker (not tripped) I discovered a burnt spade connector and related 4" long 10GA piece of wire that had been overheating for some time now as the wire conductors were green and very brittle. I replaced that piece of 10GA wire and installed a new spade connector along with cleaning the spade connector on the breaker itself. The problem is now completely fixed, we can now draw even maximum amps on all circuits without any problems whatsoever. Apparently that bad wire/connection condition was acting like a resistor and causing more amperage draw and in turn caused the system to kick out or shed any of those circuits involved with the inverter. Just thought I would write this follow up in hopes that it may help someone else. Safe Travels
  3. Ok, I appreciate the advice, sounds like a good place to start and yes I am comfortable with working with and around the electrical systems. Thanks and I will let you know how it goes.
  4. I have a 2006 Itasca Meridian 39K diesel pusher with 50A service. when plugged in to shore power and using only a moderate amount of power i.e. refrigerator, coffee maker and a blow dryer, the circuits all pop off but then within a few seconds all come back on without any circuit breakers blowing. We have now noticed it happening when running only our convection microwave for about 8 minutes after turning it on. This happens even when using the Onan 7500 generator as our electrical source and the load meter is only showing about 20A. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!
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