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  1. As we all have a fear of getting ripped off by repair shops, and me being a new owner of a 2003 Itasc Class A Motorhome with only 23,000 miles, my first problem was the ABS light staying on, so I took it to an RV repair shop, I know RV repairs could be costly but not having a choice than to take my RV to get checked for the ABS light and brakes, I was first charged $262. just to diagnose the ABS light problem and then charged an extra $175. for brake inspection. They installed the right rear wheel speed sensor and cleared the code, but then they said that my front Hub was leaking, and that my brake caliper piston were hanging up and recommended that my front and rear pads be replaced, estimate $3,700, after a couple of hours they called me and recommended that my rotors and calipers needed to be replaced for a complete repair, Being that my RV had been in the shop for two days I authorized the repairs and in the end I was stock with a $5,700. repair bill which I had no choice then to pay the bill to get my RV out of the shop, Now my question is, is that a normal cost of a full complete brake job, replacing the rotors and calipers? or was I ripped off, Parts were $2,572. and the labor was $2,724. + taxes and shop fees? since I'm a new owner of a class A Motorhome I need feedback from those who have gotten a brake job like this and was the repair that costly?
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