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  1. My wife is disabled to the point where she cannot get up the steps in our 2002 35' Tiffin Allegro Workhorse without assistance. She wants to maintain her independence but is getting very discouraged. I'm thinking about some sort of ramp or lift at the entrance that would help get in and out without so much difficulty. Can a lift be attached externally above or below and or can some sort of folding ramp with railings be installed in the doorway? I tried to install hand rail at top of steps but couldn't properly secure. I would appreciate any suggestion Thank you in advance. Art Newbe To Class A Michigan
  2. Not to offend anyone here, I am new to FMCA (7/21) and have not received my membership kit yet but I understand what you're saying. I came across this thread and I have to say, why post a concern regarding a plastic membership plate peeling prior to contacting membership? Wouldn't it be more productive to make a call first and then maybe air your concerns or praises. IMHO Just say'n 😎
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