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    Can't wait til the lease is up to get back into a camper....
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  1. Bill yes I do now, but I plan on leaving when the lease expires and move into the RV
  2. Bill one company I chatted with already made a comment about "need a perm address for you so they will not allow to finance livable units" I wasn't sure if this was industry wide or not. My thinking the mail forwarding service, St. Brendands isle and domicile dec. would work for that or not.
  3. I am curious about if financing companies allow for living in them full time. Ultimately I'll be using a mail forwarding co, St. Brendands isle and switching everything to that address. Who finances full-timers?
  4. agreed, about keeping it up and looking good. I really appreciate the answers here. Thank you again. Mark
  5. Thank you Herman, when I had my 1973 GMC RV, in the early 2000's it wasn't an issue. But as I look around at various RV parks out west and here on the east coast. I've seen their websites and thought I see what other have experienced. I did work for a KOA one summer and they didn't enforce the age restriction.
  6. I like your thought process, thanks
  7. Looking to buy another camper again, I had a Classic GMC Canyon Land, then a new tear drop Little Guy Max (loved it but it was too small) and now I am looking into a Class A, my question is are the camp grounds sticking (enforcing) to the no older than 15 years old or 10 years old? Hope to have a new to me camper before Mach of next year. Thoughts and comments appreciated.
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