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  1. We have just recently purchased a used 2016 Fleetwood Discovery class A motorhome and have noticed that the hydraulic jack leveling monitor panel will occasionally make an audible alarm for a few seconds while we are traveling during normal road conditions. All hydraulic jacks are fully retraced and stationary during travel and the slightest movement is the RV (normal swaying/shifting) because of road conditions will cause a momentary audible alarm at the monitor panel. It kind of like the sensor is too sensitive in a way. It will go off by itself and return to normal operating conditions by itself also without us having to do anything to it. Has anyone else seen or know of what may be causing this situation and perhaps have some ideas of what is causing it? If you may have any ideas or suggestions as to troubleshooting or other tips we would greatly appreciate it. We have stopped alongside the highway and checked the jacks and underside of the RV but everything appears to be normal with the jacks fully retracted in the UP position as indicated on the monitor "All Jacks Retracted" icon on the monitor. Thanks for your assistance and suggestions in advance
  2. I have just recently purchased a used 2016 Fleetwood Discovery Class A motorhome and I am experiencing a condition now with the front windshield powered shade motors on both the day and night shades. They were working when we first purchased the RV but within a few weeks after we bought the RV "as is" both of the shade motors have become inoperable. Has anyone else come across this experience before and perhaps have an idea as to what has happened or possible troubleshooting tips? Or ideas on how to obtain the wiring diagrams and troubleshooting tips for the front windshield day/night shade motors? The shades can be rolled up and down manually (which is a real pain) but are inoperable automatically using the raise/lower switches on the dash control panel. I do have power at both of the dash control panel switches but no idea of the routing or how to access the wiring at the individual shade motors. I do see two small wires hanging from each shade that are approx. 4 to 6 inches long on the right side of the front windshield shades and one of them appears to have a small push button attached to one set of these wires. Nothing happens when I push the pushbutton nor if I switch the pushbutton to the other shade motor. Any ideas or suggestions is appreciated!
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