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  1. Not a problem! Thank you for trying to help though!
  2. We had grounding issues early summer ill have him check! Thank you!
  3. The warranty is for the battery. This is an old RV and the things we replaced thinking it would fix the issue would have needed to be replaced on it anyhow given how it was not kept up with before we bought it. We have a full wall that was rotted out we are currently fixing. This is our first RV and we love learning about it. Yet it can be frustrating at times but we do know the battery most likely is not the issue considering when at full charge we get great power to everything the entire its running however the headlights and horn still do not work.
  4. Rayin: my husband did check voltages to the switch and the power is getting to it fine. The break lights do not work either, neither do hazards but the turn signals work when turning on and off. There was power percent at the solenoid. We have to charge the battery now to start it, this started 2 days ago so we assumed it was the cold. Our next move is to use our warranty for a new battery. Sstgermain: we bought new headlights to replace the ones we assumed were burnt out it didnt work
  5. Hi my husband and I bought our first RV in march 2021. We've been having a lot of fun learning about it and fixing it. Usually one can find solutions for their issues. Our RV is a 1989 Chevy pace arrow on a p30 chassis, our headlights went out at the same time out horn quit working. All of our wires are fine, replaced the horn relay (still does not work) replace all headlights (still nothing). We cant seem to find the headlights fuse. Any advice on how to find the problem would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all! God bless, wishing a happy and safe holiday season to all!
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